Boys And Their Toys

Eli had an assignment in his Physics class to build a t-shirt launcher. The design and materials were completely up to them to choose. At first he wasn’t excited about this assignment at all and he was just going to make some really janky sling shot. But after seeing what other kids made he changed his mind. He went to his friend’s house who had some extra materials and tools he offered to let him use and started drawing up plans for a t-shirt cannon. The friend’s dad came in saying he wouldn’t be able to build his idea and that cemented it, he was definitely going to build a t-shirt cannon! Eli is funny like that, you can’t tell him no, he’ll take it as a challenge and show you it ‘can’ be done! Hahaha!

He worked on it for hours after school and finished it late that night. I have to say, it turned out really AWESOME!!!!!! This kid amazes me!

He uses a bike pump to build up the pressure in the chamber. There is a valve he turns that lets the pressure out and in turn shoots the t-shirt out. (He actually found a rolled up dish towel will launch farther/better. )

It’s impressive. He’s been having tons of fun with it. I hope it holds up until he presents it on Friday. LOL! He’s been taking over to all his friends’ houses so they can play with it too. Haha!

You can watch it in action in the video. Enjoy!

Surely he’ll get an A+ don’t ya think? 😛