Preparing For The Future

Eli got his regulation haircut for the Air Force. 😍 (I promise these were taken just an hour apart!) I also think he aged 3 years instantly. LOL!!

He’s also just been offered a great job @ ASU that will give him the foot in the door he was hoping for in the IT field/programming.

It’s a help desk job but after 3 months they will move him up to Tier 1 and he’ll learn how to code AWS (Amazon Web Services) which apparently every large company uses for their websites, apps, etc. (I’m not very tech savvy. Eli and Jared were explaining all of this to me. LOL! ) This opportunity is BIG and they only take 2 students each year.

I’m very proud! 💙

He was goofing around but this picture of him standing like this made my heart pitter patter. He looks so official! Your future is now! Congratulations son! 💙#asu😈🔱#afrotc