Girl’s Camp

Life is returning to normal and it feels so good! The Young Women in our Ward got to go to Girl’s Camp this past week!!

They drove up to Nutrioso, AZ. It’s up north between Alpine and Eager near the New Mexico border.

They had gorgeous views and weather. We were having 117 degree temps while she was gone.

They had lots of classes and activities. One of which was gun safety and target practice.

It wouldn’t be camp without a few pranks. I have no idea what this is even about. LOL!

Much to Alayna’s chagrin they only got to sleep in tents the 1st night. Rain came through and flooded the tents and all of their belongings. Thankfully the lodge was large enough that everyone was able to move inside for the remainder of the week. She loves to tent camp and she loves the rain. So I guess it was all a loss. 😛

I’ve never seen a spider web like that in my life!!!! ScArY!!!!

They had devotionals, talent shows, skits, you name it!

Lake day was of course at the top of her favorites on the list! They even got to kayak!

More workshops and fun things. I would have loved to watch this guy do his woodworking! Such a skill!

I mean could this guy be any closer? How cool is that!?!

So glad Brynne was there for Alayna. She’s like a big sister to her. Definitely made camp even better!

Natalie Wright, Jamie Esperson, Kiriam Rojas, Sis. Anderson, Shelly Peterson

The YW Leaders who put in so much time and planning to make sure everything goes perfectly.

This year’s camp was just what my girl needed! She had so much fun and came home talking a 100 miles per hour about everything that happened and everything they got to do! I’m so grateful she was able to go and make these memories and also have spiritual experiences learning about God out in nature! <3