Walk N Roll

Alayna’s school had a Walk N Roll fundraiser on Friday. She put $10 of her hard earned dollars up to be able to participate. She is so giving! I mean $10 when you are 8 years old is a ton of money!! She didn’t even hesitate though. She wanted to help her school and I was so proud of her for being so selfless!
The kids who participated each got a t-shirt, sno-cones, a dance party, and the fire department was going to come and spray all the kids with fire hoses! lol!
However, the weather turned very rainy, and the fire department was on call, so they didn’t get to get sprayed down. I just heard  though, that they are rescheduling for this coming Friday! 🙂
She said she had SO much fun walking laps around the field. This picture is the only one I have of her. Someone just happened to take this for the school’s Face Book page at the exact right time! If it was a second later she wouldn’t be in the shot! 🙂 I love it when things work out like that! 
She has her shirt on backwards..lol! Each time they completed a lap they got a box marked off. She only had 2 boxes not marked at the end of time given. She was little upset she didn’t finish…but was proud of how hard she tried to get as many as she could.
Look at that determination on her face! Great job Alayna!!!! What a great thing you did for your school! 😀

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