Happy Birthday Sammy!

Sammy turned 12 today!

He’s been with us since he was a puppy. We won him at a church fund raising auction put on by the youth to help raise funds for their activities. A woman in the ward was a breeder of Maltipoos. We placed our $25 bid and never expected we’d come home with him!!! These dogs are actually a very expensive breed.

The kids and I fell in love with him and apparently Eli stood guard at the table making sure no one else bid on him. Hahaha! He just revealed this little tid-bit of information last week! He was a white fluffy ball of fur and so cuddley!

We weren’t prepared to come home with a puppy that day. We had nothing! Jared was still at work and I had to call him and tell him what happened and that we now had a family dog! 😛 Of course he was fine with it. He loves animals and our dog Sassy, had passed away suddenly a couple of years before.

I remember standing in the kitchen asking the kids what we should name him. Walker ended up choosing the winning name and we named him Sammy.

One thing I hadn’t considered was that I was going to have to potty train him. I had just begun potty training Alayna, so I actually was doing double duty or doody. LOL!!! 😛

Awww…Look how little everyone was! <3

So to celebrate the Old Man’s bday we decided to give him a cool treat. This summer has been a scorcher. He loved the ice cream but think he may have eaten it a little too fast and gave himself an ice cream headache. Hahaha! After he finished his bowl he ran over to the couch and was pawing at his face over and over. It was so funny!

Happy Birthday Sam-bo!

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