First Week Of School

Well, the first week of online school is complete! It was a little rocky with connection issues and long login times but everyone made it through. It actually wasn’t as bad as I had expected. 🙂

Since we don’t know how long the kids will have to be doing remote learning we bought Alayna a new desk chair. As soon as it arrived she was anxious to put it together. However, Jared was still finishing up a work call and couldn’t come help right away.

This is how she felt about that……

Hahaha! Cracked me up finding her like this! 😛

Dad finally finished up and the two of them worked together to assemble it. She’s pretty proud of herself! 🙂

Online learning looked like this….Haha!

And this…..

The kids are doing a great job staying on task, showing up for classes on time, and getting their assignments done. It’s not perfect. It’s not what they would prefer. There have been some tears and frustration. But they are doing really well considering. <3

On Thursday the ADHS (Arizona Dept. of Health Services) released the metrics/benchmarks the Governor had spoke about a few weeks ago. These benchmarks are what each county/school district can use to better determine when schools can safely open campuses for in-person learning.

As of right now Maricopa County (where we live) does not meet all three. In fact, none of the Counties do.

There are a lot of parents upset about these benchmarks saying they are unrealistic to meet. There was a rally at the state capitol yesterday and today there is one happening in front of the GPS district buildings.

I personally don’t know what the right answer is. This is a difficult time we are living in. This virus is new and we are still learning about it.

Kids are having difficulty learning remotely but I think there is a learning curve to everything when we’ve never done it before. I know they need their friends and socializing, but I’m also cautious. I definitely am split on the issue as you can see.

Right now I’m focusing on what we ‘can’ control and that’s helping my kids with whatever it is they need right now. Being the listening ear, supporting them when things are challenging, letting them know they aren’t alone and are loved, and the most important thing….reminding them this isn’t going to last forever. We WILL get through this! <3

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