Blessings from Heaven

This wasn’t the bird that came to him. He doesn’t know what kind it was. He just said it was grey. 😛

Today I am grateful for Eli’s miracle. 💛😇 He was really sick at work with a bad stomachache. He was having sweats and thought he was going to have to come home because the pain was so bad. His manager gave him a break since they were slow and he was trying to eat dinner. As he was eating, a bird came and landed right on the box of food he had. He was like, “what the heck!?” And all of a sudden his stomach was better. ❤️🐦 I reminded him birds have a special purpose in our family. They are sent from our family on the other side of the veil when life events happen or when we need comfort. Grateful for that tender mercy for Eli.

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