Mission Farewell & Open House

Today Walker gave a wonderful farewell talk in Sacrament and then that evening we had our house busting at the seems with so many friends that came to wish him well!
So many people commented to me how much they loved his talk and how he sounded like a seasoned missionary already! <3 He did such an incredible job! 
Tonight was the open house. Baking helps me deal with stress/anxiety. It calms me. I spent 4 days baking! LOL! I guess I needed a “little” bit of time to de-stress. LOL! 
Half the tray was chocolate chip the other half was peaunt butter as per Walker’s request. 😛 
Jared made these with the leftover pulled pork he made. They were a HUGE hit! So yummy! 
Sugar cookies are fussy. They aren’t hard but they are time consuming. But I just HAD to make them! Aren’t they adorable!?! They are the state of Florida with hearts where Tampa is and alligators! <3 
These were another huge hit and so easy to make too! 
There were a lot of people out of town. Summer in our ward means everyone flocks to Utah for cooler weather and vacations. But we had a FANTASTIC turnout! So many people came and showed their love for out Missionary!
Eli always being a goof-ball!
These women are inspiring. Each have had difficulties in their lives but their faith has been a shining example. They remind me of the woman who gave two mites. I’m so grateful for their friendship and example to me and my family. <3 
I think a good sign that people are having a great time is that they linger well after the party is supposed to end. We had people stay until late into the evening. I’m so grateful for all of their love and support they showered Walker with before he leaves for 2 years. He’s grown up in the Ward since he was 1 year old! They are his family and tonight they showed up for him in the way family always does! <3 <3 My cup runneth over! 

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