Last Lunch & Setting Apart

Today was full of more family, packing, getting last minute things, a movie, and being set apart as a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 
Jared’s brother and his wife were out of town over the weekend so they missed all the festivities. However, the stars aligned and we headed out to lunch and while we arrived we got a text from them asking if they could come by. We told them we weren’t home but if they wanted to meet up for some pizza they were welcome to join us! I love tender mercies like that! It worked out perfectly! <3 We had a nice long lunch and had a great visit! 
Missionaries don’t get to see movies while serving. Walker is a big movie goer and he wanted to get one last show in before he goes. We went and saw “Dark Phoenix”. Sadly, it wasn’t as good as we were all hoping. Oh well…LOL! 
Tonight at 8:30pm was Walker’s appointment with the Stake President to be set apart as a full time missionary! It was such a powerful and sacred experience. The Spirit was so incredibly strong! 💙
Before the blessing Pres. Everton had us all go around and give some last parting advice. It was tender and emotional and something we’ll never forget. 
Alayna has been sad all week. She’s been telling at night especially she’s been crying because she’s going to miss him. 
Eli and Walker have the greatest relationship. They have always been incredibly close and BEST friends. Eli has been struggling too with Walker about to leave. Tonight when it came to his turn to share his thoughts with Walker he couldn’t hardly speak through his tears. He had us all teary-eyed and crying. Even Walker, who NEVER cries. 
My heart is full of gratitude for my children and their relationships with each other. I couldn’t ask for anything more as a Mother. They genuinely love, support, care for and want to be with one another. I feel so overwhelmingly blessed! 
Walker’s blessing was powerful. The Holy Spirit was strong and the words in the blessing were so specific to Walker. The Lord is very aware of him and loves him so much! 
Jared Kitch, Bishop Michael Schnepf, Walker Kitch, Pres. Jared Everton
After we left we talked about some things that stood out to us in his blessing. One of the big things that hit Jared and I was how we are handing our boy over in every way to the Mission President and his wife. They will be our proxies in so many ways. We pray for them that they will be led by the Spirit to know our son and to love him as much as we do! 
Tomorrow morning is going to come early! He leaves first thing!!! 

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