Texas Family Reunion – The Duren Hotel

The next morning everyone was feeling a little more rested and ready to explore and have some adventures!
Isn’t this place beautiful???
 The property had a big lake with kayaks and paddle boats!
That boy of mine was in HEAVEN!!!
I think everyone was having a great time!
Later they all had a photo scavenger hunt. They divided out into teams and hit the road!
Jared, Mamaw, Carols, and Shawn were on a team. Here are a few of their pics. 
Mamaw is always such a good sport! 😛 
She’ll do anything for her kids!! Hahaha!!
Then it was time for more lake time!!
 And of course some good conversations too…
Can you tell who the baby of the family is??? LOL!!!
 Rita and 3 of her 5 kids.
Turkeys are kinda ugly..but this one is actually really cool looking!
Little brother once again causing a ruckus! LOL! 😛 
By evening the cousins got in some game time.
What is wrong with my family??? hahaha! All 4 of them have the goofiest expressions!! 😛

 It sure is gorgeous at night! 

A  couple of monkeys in the tree! 

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