Christmas Eve & Day 2015

Our tradition is to gather together at Grandma and Grandpa Morrison’s for Christmas Eve. The kids usually perform a song or two on their instruments…typically the piano. 🙂 
Alayna performed live and the boys decided to record theirs on a DVD. The keyboard is great but it doesn’t sound quite like the real deal. 😛 
Alayna played “Angels We Have Heard On High”. 
She had a BIG finish!!! LOL!!!
Walker played “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”. It was quite a challenging arrangement but he did great! It sounds beautiful!!
Eli played “Fur Elise”. He hasn’t been taking piano like the other two but he’ll get on and teach himself songs occasionally. He has a talent!
Trying to get the family to smile for pictures is a real challenge….this was the best they would give me. 
I love this pic of Mom and Alayna. 🙂
Everyone was sufficiently spoiled and stuffed with lots of goodies. 🙂 It’s fun spending time with the family. 
We all opened crackers at the end of the night. They are kinda fun! I love the super sweet crowns that come in them! LOL! Jared is such a ham! LOL!!
Alayna made a note for Santa and his reindeer and left some snacks…
I adore her practicality…”milk is in the fridge”….lol!
We moved the Christmas tree to the living room this year. I’m torn about it but there just wasn’t room in the front room anymore. 😛
Christmas morning the kids rolled leisurely out of bed. They were up for a while before they even asked to open gifts….guess they are getting older. 😛 
We are a bunch of rag-a-muffins for sure!!!!
Walker got cash!
Jared loved his Twix! 😛
Alayna and I got a gel manicure set. We are super excited for a spa night!
Alayna got Eli that cool hat. 
I mean…what mom doesn’t love that site?!? The boys chipped in and got her some My Little Pony headphones. Pretty awesome brothers!! 😀
She also got a skateboard. It was her big gift this year from mom and dad. 
Jared got a new Nexus 6p phone. He’s a little thrilled. 🙂
Sammy wasn’t forgotten this year. He got a few new toys and some treats….We’ve never seen him so happy! It was pretty adorable. 
Santa was good to us this year!! We feel blessed to be able to have each other and be able to celebrate in this way. Merry Christmas!!!

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