Eli’s Shadow a Student Day!

Eli invited me to his school for shadow a student day. Honestly I was a bit surprised he asked me to go. He’s at that age where he doesn’t always think mom is so cool to have around. LOL! 
I was tickled he asked though and I did torture him a tiny bit by asking to take a picture with me. 😛 He wouldn’t look at the camera and by the time I got this last pic we were busting up laughing. I love it! 😀

Eli is SMART! I mean really smart! He’s the 1st one done in all of his classes. He knows all the answers to the questions his teachers ask…but he never raises his hand. He just leans over to me and tells me the answer. I think that’s funny. 😛 We played a spelling and definition game in his Honors English class and we fared pretty well. We were in the final round. We both got out on the same word. We didn’t know what affront meant. LOL! That word took out 1/2 the last  people standing so we didn’t feel too bad. 😛

The kids have Chromebooks this year. It’s the 1st year they’ve had them at the Jr. High. This is what my son does when he’s whizzed through his work. Yup…he’s watching America’s Got Talent! Oy vey! Kinda mixed feelings on having computers at the school. LOL!!!

We had a fun day together. It was neat to see how he interacts with his friends and in his classes. He’s an awesome kid even if he did leave me in his dust trail walking from class to class. I finally had to hold on to his backpack so I wouldn’t lose him!!! LOL! Love him to pieces!!! 😀

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