Primary Program 2015 – I Know My Savior Lives!

Alayna and the Primary children in our ward had their Program yesterday in sacrament meeting. They prepare all year for this special day. Each child has a speaking part. Some are very short, some are long, some have scriptures, others have talks. No matter what size or shape of the part each one is a truth and testament about the Gospel and the theme for that year. This year’s theme is “I Know My Savior Lives.” The children also work very hard to learn several songs that they perform as well. It truly is the BEST sacrament meeting of the year!!! 🙂
 This year Alayna had a talk and she memorized the whole thing! She did an amazing job and Jared and I couldn’t be more proud of how hard she worked to do her very best!
Way to go Laney Bug!!!!

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