Our 22nd Anniversary!

We really never know what to do for our anniversary. Every year we sort of look at each other with a blank stare trying to think of something “different” but not horribly expensive. Those two rarely go hand in hand though. LOL! 
This year we literally waited until the last minute and threw some things together. It actually worked out awesome!!! 
Friday the 26th was our actual anniversary. That day Jared worked from home but we were able to sneak away for lunch to a new bakery out at San Tan Mall called la Maelieine. Neither one of us had been yet and we love baked goods! 🙂 
The food was ok. Nothing we’d go back for. But the bakery!!! Oh. The. Bakery!!! Everything we tried was excellent! We have tried pretty much every bakery here in town and none of them were worth repeating or commenting about. But this place was fantastic! We will be going back for sure! 
I can never help myself when I see all these beautiful things. I can’t ever seem to get one or two. I have to buy one of everything! Haha! 
So I did!!! 😛 
  Isn’t it beautiful!? YUM!!! 
For dinner Jared took me to Durant’s. It’s an old school steakhouse in downtown Phoenix. It was opened in the 1950’s and it still has that classic ’50’s  nightclub mobster vibe. 
The preferred entrance is through the kitchen. It seems strange but it’s kinda cool too. The owner, Jack Durant, was a colorful character who could often be found at the bar. In the ’40s, Durant worked as a pit boss at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, in the employ of gangster Bugsy Siegel. Joe DiMaggio, Clark Gable and John Wayne all frequented Durant’s. It has a long history here in the valley! 
The lighting and wallpaper are red. So getting a normal pic is impossible. But the ambiance is awesome! The place is complete with high back booths and a dimly lighted dining room. The waiter pulls out the table for you so you don’t have to skooch around. It’s a pretty swanky place. We LOVED the atmosphere! 
Where else do you still get served a relish tray?!? I don’t know why, but I loved that small touch they still serve! 
We tried the shrimp scampi. It was in a creamy sauce. It was delicious! 
 Jared ordered the rib-eye. 
I got the filet mignon. 
We finished the meal with a complimentary peach cobbler! They said for our anniversary we could choose from any of the desserts on the menu. We thought that was really a nice touch!
We came home stuffed to the gills! We got comfy and settled in for the evening and watched “Tolkien”. It was really good! We recommend it! 
Saturday morning we found Eli helping himself to our box of baked goods! Lol!! 

For giggles we drug out my wedding dress and tried it on! LOL! Surprisingly it’s still in really good condition. It’s not yellowing at all. Also, let me just say I was TINY when I got married. I put it on and I couldn’t get it zipped up very far in the back. Haha!!! Alayna tried it on too and she’s super thin and she couldn’t get it zipped up all the way either….but MUCH further than me!!! How on earth was I ever that small????
 After playing dress up. Ha! We went to lunch at Sal’s Pizza by the house. They have a bruschetta pizza that is to die for! I’m completely addicted to it! Afterwards,  we did some shopping for an excursion we planned for the next day and then we went to Hale Theater in Gilbert to see “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”. Neither one of us had ever seen the movie but we thought, what the heck! Let’s give it a try! 😛 
 The theater is under construction right now. They are refurbishing it inside and out as well as adding a dance/acting studio on. Hence, the black marks on the wall behind us. 
The musical was actually pretty cute! We loved the spies from Vulgaria. They were hilarious! I wish we would have gotten a picture of them. The shorter actor was my favorite! He was the best!! 
Sunday was the last of our celebration. It’s pretty epic…stay tuned!!!

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