Getting Sick is the Pits!!!

Friday afternoon I got a call from Alayna from school. She was in tears. I asked her what was wrong? She asked me to come pick her up, she really wasn’t feeling well. 
I guess she had gone to the nurse and the nurse sent her back to class. But when she got back to class she was feeling even worse. 
I ran down as quickly as I could and took her home. We got down the street to the 4-way stop and Alayna said her stomach was really hurting. I said, “we will be home in just a few minutes.” She said, “no…I really don’t feel good. I think I’m going to throw up!” 
I quickly said, “get your head out the window as far as you can!!!!!”
Unfortunately she wasn’t able to get her head all the way out and well you know…..
I took her home and she showered. I spend the next several hours cleaning the van. When I came inside I found her like this….
Poor girl!!! 
We almost never get the bug that makes you throw up. We usually get the run to the bathroom bug. I can’t even tell you the last time someone threw up around here. I was shocked to be honest! 
She’s been feeling terrible all weekend. Thankfully she only threw up the one day. She’s slowly getting her strength back. 
Cuddles with dad help! <3 
She was actually supposed to go on a Daddy/Daughter campout with Jared Friday after school. She was heartbroken when I told her they’d have to reschedule. Kids are funny…she still wanted to try to go. 😛 I told her when you are feeling better you will have so much more fun, so let’s just reschedule. 
Jared was sweet with her all weekend. He felt bad too. The boys were off busy with work and friends and he spent some time with her when she was feeling up to it. He even started showing her how to play WOW on the computer. 😛 
She stayed home from school again today. Hoping tomorrow she will be feeling much better! 

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