One of Those Days….

It’s been a crazy couple of months! Our family can’t seem to stay well. The cold/flu season just won’t leave us alone and Eli has been having severe stomach pain since the beginning of January. My “Mom Brain” has been exceptionally forgetful and it didn’t fail me today either!
We had just left the GI Specialist for Eli (more on this later) and stopped at Walmart on the way home for a few things. When we were done I tried to open the car and guess what…I couldn’t… I had locked the keys inside! Blarg! 
Thankfully my dear friend AnnMarie was able to save us and she drove over to the house and got the spare from Walker who was home sick from school. She is a LIFE SAVER!
I wasn’t even sure who to call since Jared has been out of town all week! Thank goodness for awesome friends! <3
When we got home we were bringing in the groceries and Eli flung a bag onto the counter and it crashed into this vase and knocked my Valentine’s Day flowers on to the floor. 🙁 The only reason this is a big deal is Jared gave me that vase when we first started dating in High School. I’ve had it for 23 years! I’m a little heartbroken as you can imagine. Oh well….It’s just a “thing”. 
It’s been one of those days……

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