In Progress……

Last spring we had to rip out all of the plants and a giant tree from our back yard. You can read more about it here. We haven’t done anything with it until now…but it’s still very much work in progress. 🙂
These are the “BEFORE’S”….just a a bunch of rock and dirt still….

Jared took this nifty panoramic pic. 🙂

We purchased some pygmy palms and some big clay pots. 
We also planted a hibiscus on the other side of the rocks. 
We got some lighting for around the pool and planted some really neat succulents! 
I’m loving these succulents!! They are so cool! Now if I can just keep them alive! LOL!
The backyard is slowly coming together. We need to build a wall around the pool equipment and add some more plants back there. If we can figure out where to get the materials we want we want to build a pergola along the back wall and add some chairs and a table too. I’ll keep you posted on our progress! 😀

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