Proud Momma!

Alayna, Eli and Walker all got excellent grades this quarter (and school year)! I’m not always great at posting their certificates but I remembered this time! 😛 The High School doesn’t really send a certificate  home, but we did just got a letter today informing us that Walker will be recognized at this year’s Gilbert Golden Scholar Ceremony next week! 😀 
Primary Pride is the equivalent to Principal’s List. But it’s just for the younger grades. 🙂 Alayna loves school so much! She’s at the top of her class and she is killing it in her math (as well as her other subjects)! She is the first one to make it to division and she loves telling everyone about it!!! LOL! Smart girl!
Eli has been working so hard this year! We just got another letter from the school stating he is invited to Academic Night this year! He’s qualified every year! Way to go Eli! I’ll post more about that later. 🙂 Eli continues to show us his determination and perseverance. When things get tough, he doubles down and he never gives up. I don’t think ‘quit’ is in his vocabulary! He’s a rock star! 
Walker has a heavy load of classes this year. He’s a Freshman and he takes all Honors Classes and one AP Class. He loves learning. Some people just love to learn. They thrive on expanding their knowledge and he is one of those people. It amazes me how he not only learns things so easily, but he retains it forever! It blows me away! He’s ranked 26th for weighted GPA and qualified for Golden Scholar!  Whaaaaat!?!! That kids is SMART! 😀
I feel so blessed that my kids love school and that learning isn’t a struggle. They each teach me things on a daily basis and sometimes I wonder how I got to be so lucky? Love those smarty pants!

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