All Things Will Be For Thy Good…..

The past 15 months has been a period of time in our lives
that we as a family have been tested and tried to such a degree we felt at
times we wouldn’t be able to endure. With Jared losing his job at the end of
August 2013, and then being out of work for 6 months, we prayed constantly for the
Lord to show us the way we should go.
In March 2014 Jared was hired on at Dell SonicWall. The work Jared does at Dell is
challenging. Calls come in back to back to back and cases pile up
quickly. It’s a very stressful place to work to say the least. We were so thankful to be employed again, but the position just doesn’t pay him enough
to meet our needs.
Now here we are 15 months later….so much has happened. We’ve experienced things throughout this time that have been hard, devastating, scary, uncertain, and life changing. I think only through the prayers of our family and friends was it possible for us to bare it. Even as I write this and ponder all that has transpired my eyes well up with tears. We
are not the people we were before. We couldn’t possibly be. The Lord has been
refining us with such focus. I know it has only been to mold us to be more of
who He wants us to be and has brought us to our knees again and again.
After the trial they say the blessings come. And that is why
I’m writing today.
We have some GOOD NEWS!! 
Jared was just offered a position
at one of the top 13 Law Firms in the World, Greenberg Traurig, in Phoenix!!
This position will be much different than what he’s previously had. He will
not be “The Company IT Guy” anymore. His official title is Windows Server/Network Administrator. He will be mainly focused on their firewalls and global firewall reporting, etc,. Such as SonicWall & Global Management Systems. In layman’s terms, he will be working in Securities which is
what he’s been wanting to get his foot in the door for for quite some time. The
experience he gained at Dell was the very thing that opened this opportunity up
for him. (Isn’t it funny how the Lord works? 🙂 ) The salary should meet our needs, and there is plenty of
opportunity for growth for Jared there. He just got his background clearance verified
and they sent him his start date of January 5, 2015! We are over the moon
We never could have imagined the things that were ahead of us when this all started. I also know that just because Jared has a new job our troubles will not end. It’s apart of life to be tested and tried continually. I know as we choose the Lord and turn to Him as we face each test He will bless us….in His own time. Today however, I want to take a moment and reflect and to thank my Heavenly Father for this blessing! We also want to thank each one of you who have continued to remember us in your prayers, who have served our family, and who have loved us every step of the way. We will forever be grateful to you for being God’s Hands on Earth. We love you!

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