Mesa Temple Christmas Lights…with Cousins!

We had Jared’s sister’s kids over for a sleepover. We decided to take all of the kids to see the Christmas Lights at the Mesa Temple since we hadn’t gone yet this season.
 It was a neat sharing our faith a little bit with them. They loved the vignettes of the stories in the Bible of the accounts of Jesus’ birth.
We thought it was pretty awesome to find a “Hidden Mickey” at the Temple! LOL! 
Yes the children are wearing shorts in the dead of winter. I on the other hand was FREEZING! LOL! 
To end the evening we stopped by a family’s home in our ward that lights up their house with music and synchronized lights. They really did a great job this year. Complete with Santa in the window! The kids loved it!
We came home and had hot chocolate, popcorn and watched the Nativity video from It was a fun night!! 

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