Poor Pup

Sammy was due for his wellness exam and he’s been having some issues we’ve been worried about. Namely, it seems like his eyes are really cloudy and have been having a lot of discharge as well as not being able to see well or hear well.

We know he’s getting older but it’s still worrisome. He’ll be 13 in August. He’s definitely in the senior citizen category now.

The vet checked him over and it appears he has an eye infection and allergies. He gave us an antibiotic cream and told us to give him 1/2 a Benadryl for the allergies for the next 7 days. He doesn’t want him scratching his eyes so he gave him the “cone of shame”. Poor pup!

He tested his vision and hearing and he confirmed what we thought. He isn’t seeing well and can’t tell where sound is coming from. We are hoping the treatment for his eyes will help with his vision at least but their isn’t much to done for his hearing.

Here’s hoping he improves quickly!!!


Sammy’s eyes are SO much better! They are clear and not as weepy. I feel so bad we didn’t realize they were infected. I’m not sure if his vision is ‘that’ much better but he’s got more energy and he seems more alert.

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