Walker’s Workin’ his Way to Disney!

Walker’s Band has the opportunity to go to Disneyland in about a week to take part in a Music Workshop. He needs some extra spending money for food and souvenirs so Grandma & Grandpa Morrison said if he came and did some yard work they would pay him what he needs for the trip. Well…when an opportunity like that comes along you can’t say no!!! 🙂
We had to make some arrangements to haul the trimmings away so we called Uncle Jeff who let us borrow his truck. He’s such a great guy. 🙂
We arrived and Grandma and Grandpa’s and quickly got to work. A few weeks earlier we had come and pruned this grapefruit tree. The limbs, dead fruit, etc were all still laying there since Grandpa hurt his back and couldn’t finish the job. So Walker’s main task was to finish up that tree. It was a LOT of hard work! I wish I had thought to get pictures before he had started. He was pretty close to done by the time I got out there, but hopefully you can see how much he did. 🙂

You can sort of get an idea from how full the back of the truck is. 🙂
The look on his face says it all….satisfaction in a job well done and cash in his pocket for Disney!!! 🙂

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