Day 4 – Bubbles are Deep! :P

Tuesday was our last day!

We packed up everything and then we were going to go to the beach, but had forgotten all the beach toys, so the kids agreed to just swim in the pool/jacuzzi. Jared and I weren’t going to complain about that!! 😛

We got on our suits headed down to the jacuzzi and turned it on. We think someone had some fun by pouring shampoo into it!! When the jets turned on it was a Bubble Fest!!

The kids thought this was the greatest invention ever!

 Jared is such a good Dad letting Alayna play beauty shop with him. 😀

It was about that time and we had to get ready to head home. 
You know..bubbles and vacations are very similar. Neither one can last forever!!! 😉 Until next time!

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