Yesterday I was driving the boys to school and I’m watching them in the back seat in my rear view mirror. Alayna and Eli were sitting next to each other in the ‘way back’, and Eli is just staring at her.
She turns to him and asks, “What?”
He replies in a sweet and sincere voice, “I’m just looking at you cuz you are so pretty.”
Alayna smiled. 🙂
My heart just melted! What a precious and unexpected moment I was allowed to witness between my children. Words almost can’t express the overwhelming gratitude I have that my kids love each other and get along so well. I’ve been told this ‘stage’ won’t last forever and in a few years they won’t be able to stand one another or be in the same breathing space…but that day hasn’t come yet…thankfully! I pray that it never does…but just in case, I had to write this down. 😛

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