Disneyland- Fall Break 2011!!!

It was Fall Break and you know what that means!!! Disneyland!!!
We’ve gone twice already this year but since we had annual passes we wanted to make sure we got the most bang for our buck,so we decided to go one last time this year. 🙂 October is a great time to visit Disneyland. They have Halloween decorations everywhere. It’s so festive! 😛
We drove out Thursday morning and checked into our hotel around 3pm. We stayed at the Ramada Plaza Hotel off of Katella and Harbor Blvd. It was a nice hotel and just a short walk to the park. They had a good  free continental breakfast as well…that’s always a plus in this Mom’s book! 🙂
 The lobby had a cute display so we snapped a quick pic before heading over to Disneyland. 🙂 (Apologies for the grainy pics..my camera was freaking out this day…I figured out what was wrong later…)
 My 3 Amigos! 🙂
 Alayna pouting…I can’t even remember why she was sad. Probably because she was tired from the 6 hr. drive?
 I just adore the fact that my children really do enjoy being with each other! Love it! 🙂
 Walker has gotten more and more in to the ‘pin trading’ game. It’s fun to see what he’s willing trade for. 🙂
 He’s so Goofy! LOL!
 My dumb foot is still causing me problems so we rented a wheel chair again. However, it does have it’s perks…like getting onto the rides lickity split. Here we are waiting to get on to Pinocchio through the handicapped line. We rode all of Fantasyland in a matter of an hour! Awesome! 😀
 On Friday we were feeling a bit more rested and headed to the Park bright and early to get tickets for World of Color. Don’t those faces make you smile?! 😀
 We decided not to walk over after the 1st day. My foot just couldn’t handle the distance, even though it was like 1/2 a mile. We took the tram…
 We typically don’t spend a lot of time in Toon Town, but little Miss wanted to see Minnie and Mickey so we headed over there to say Hello!
 Mickey’s house has a picture of himself and Walt Disney…I love little touches like that. 🙂
 She was having a ball looking around and playing with everything inside Mickey’s house.
 Big bonus is at the end of your tour of his house..you get to meet Mr. Mouse himself!!! 😀
 Minnie was out taking pictures as well. We couldn’t pass up the chance to visit with her, so we waited and waited and waited on her porch…..
 Eli was less than thrilled about waiting…I tried to get him to smile for me to help pass the time. This was his attempt at “not” smiling just to be ornery…LOL! 
It did take a while to see her. She was really busy making pies and she had to check them every 15 min. or so. But we finally had our moment with her!
 She was very nice and blew us lots of kisses. She welcomed us into her house and was a very good hostess. 😛
 Who doesn’t enjoy a tea party!? Alayna loved her kitchen! 🙂
 Ok, so I bribe my kids when we go to Disneyland. I just want them to ‘try’ everything before they decide they don’t like it. So I told Alayna if she rode all the rides I asked her to I’d buy her a cotton candy. (Is that wrong?? LOL!!)
Well..she couldn’t pass up a deal that sweet! She was hesitant and told me the whole time we waited she really didn’t want to but in the end was a good sport and rode Big Thunder Mountain. I was very proud of her! It didn’t change her mind though..she didn’t like the ride. LOL! However, it ‘did’ work on Matterhorn! She loved it!
In all the times we’ve visited Disneyland/Disney World we’ve never met Mary Poppins. She’s always on her way somewhere and not taking any more pictures or autographs. It was another close call this visit but I was determined. She was walking off with Bert and I started pleading, “Mary, Mary!!!!! Will you PLEASE take a picture with us!!!????!!!!” She graciously stopped we got our picture and I’m one happy Momma! Alayna was tickled pink too! (Too bad the sun was directly in her little eyes though…)
Pommes Frites with Cajun Roumalade
Mickey Mouse Beignets with Raspberry Coulis and Vanilla Bean Creme Anglaise  
We had a fun last day on Saturday. We had lunch with our good friends the Watt’s at my favorite place Cafe’ Orleans. They had never been there before and therefore have never had the Pommes Frites or the Mickey Mouse Beignets. Sad I know!! LOL! After trying them I’m confident that I’ve officially created a new tradition in their family! 😛 Mmmmm soooooo goooood!!!!! I found recipes for both of these amazing treats and I can’t wait to try to re-create them! 😀

Left to Right: AnneMarie, Chris, Erica, Me, Jared, Bailey, Chandler, Walker, Eli & Alayna

We always have a great time at our home away from home. It might be a while before we get to go back. I think the family is ready to explore more of the United States. We’ve been playing with the idea of perhaps R.V.’ing up to Yellow Stone next summer. We’ll see!!! 🙂


  • Jill Ison

    first of all i have to say DO IT! i mean the yellowstone thing. it is really something you must see. we want to go back too. its was so neato. make sure you go the right week though get the wrong week and it will be veery cold. but also i want to say that i made lucy go on thunder mountain and she cried the whole time. totally hated it. cant remember if she hated matterhorn but who could hate that one? anyway i think its just fine to bribe kids. you gotta do what you gotta do to get kids to have the fun they want, but dont know it yet! hehe. glad you had a good time, sorry to hear your foot is still hurting you.

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