Nationals Here She Comes!

Alayna has been doing Club volleyball since she was 12. The last couple of years we’ve debated on if moving from a Regional team to a National team was a good fit for her. She’s driven, puts in 100%, and loves the game so much. The financial responsibility however, is very hindering. Last year we decided with COVID we should wait another year. We weren’t sure if her season would get cancelled or what it would look like. So much was still uncertain then.

We’ve talked a lot over the last year going back and forth of the pros and cons of staying at the regional level with the girls she’s grown close to, a club she’s created a name for herself at, and coaches she LOVES vs making the move to a new facility, coaches, girls, and playing at a higher level. If college ball is something she seriously wants to aim for is she putting herself in where is the best position to be seen? Is the heavy cost something we can manage? How do you put a price on your kid’s dream? So many thoughts, so many questions….

In the end we decided to move forward and tryout for the Nationals team. She’s ready to play at a more competitive level and we’re praying the financial side of things will work out somehow. God knows his daughter and He will open the doors for her.

Saturday was tryouts for all the High School age girls across the valley. The talent came out strong and all of us parents waited outside in the parking lot on pins and needles for our girls to come out with their results. The energy in the air was palpable.

Alayna was the first one out (which if you know her…she’s NEVER the first one out of any practice…haha!) that was a surprise! She was a little hard to read but she whipped out her results card and we all breathed a huge sigh of relief!! And shared a big hug and cheer!

She made the top National’s team!!!!!!!!

She gave it all she had. She looks so tired and so happy all at the same time! ❤️

Congratulations Alayna!!! We are extremely proud of you! This is going to be an exciting season!