We’re Done With Braces!!

Alayna got her braces off today! Happy Dance!!!!!!

She’s the last one and I’m so happy to be done with orthodontist appointments! LOL!! But it has all been worth it…. Just look at that GORGEOUS smile!!!! 😀

You can see the full transformation in these photos. She started off with “the works”. She got braces, a Herbst device to help move her lower jaw forward, and a palate expander to open up her airway. There was also some over movement of teeth during her treatment because of COVID and not being able to get her appointments at their regularly scheduled time. So she had a couple of big gaps open between her front teeth and then again on her right side. She was pretty embarrassed by that. Poor thing. Not much we could do though and thankfully masks were worn and kids at school didn’t see it much. 😛 Towards the end of treatment a TAD was placed in her gum to help anchor her teeth to get her midline centered again and the results are perfect! Good thing she has a high tolerance for pain. She was such a trooper!

She is very happy with her new smile! She looks even more beautiful. I’m not even sure how that’s possible. 😛

She actually has one more procedure to do in December to help reduce some of the extra gum around her teeth. It’s called a gingivectomy. I’ll update after that is complete. 🙂

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