The Quarantine Continues…

This is week 4 of being in lock-down but 5 weeks that we’ve been home (including spring break).

One of the biggest tender mercies is that it’s Spring and everything is blooming and the weather is gorgeous. We can still go out for walks and enjoy the light breezes and pops of color all around!

Around Phoenix some businesses have shown their love and support to everyone by making signs with their office lights.

Restuarnts in Tempe are using these little robots to deliver food to people at their homes. We are living in a Sci-fi world! 😛

On another subject, a week ago, maybe two, we had an owl in the back yard hooting all night. He was SO loud!! He disappeared the next night and I hadn’t heard from him since. Until this week….

He came back for a nice visit and hooted all night long and made it impossible to sleep. Seems like our feathery friend wanted me to know he was there. On the Go Gilbert facebook page, others have spotted him and his family and gotten some decent pics. He’s a big guy…they are saying he’s a barn owl. These owls are the third largest owl and it is nesting season. They will be hungry and need to provide for their young. He’s already attacked a cat who luckily got away but not without some deep talon scratches and missing patches of fur. Poor thing…

We need to keep an eye on Sammy for sure!

The kids are getting in the swing of online school. It has it’s ups and downs for sure. This meme made me laugh! LOL!

We’ve been finding ways to keep ourselves busy for the most part. Sammy has other plans though….haha!

Eli has us all outside weight lifting together now! 🙂 He’s trying to whip us all into shape. I got into the action too but my bar is much lighter. LOL!

I loved this cartoon. It has so much more meaning now that we can’t gather together. And I’ve seen it in our home. Holding church as a family in our home has been such a beautiful experience and one I will miss to be quite honest when things return to normal.

Last week, President Nelson asked us all to hold another fast for the end of this pandemic.

A member of the church started a facebook group centered around this fast and people from all faiths and walks of life were invited. There were well over 500,000 people that joined the group. And that was just the ones who “joined”. That didn’t include spouses and children and many others who weren’t apart of the group but still were fasting on their own for this purpose!!

Here are just a microscopic sample of those who joined….

It was incredible to feel the unity and love that was shared through testimonies, personal stories, and hearts changed because of this fast. It was amazing!!!

People shared art, instrumental music they performed themselves, songs they recorded and sung, and so many stories of lost faith that has been restored since joining the group and feeling so much love and acceptance.

With such a vast variety of religions, cultures, races, countries, beliefs, and more. I can honestly say, that I have never before in my life seen such unity among so many people. One has to wonder whether the greater blessing of this fast will lie in the negating of the virus, or in the great love, unity, faith, hope and peace which it will have imparted and spread so deeply and universally. I think that many of us would agree that this world needs true love, compassion, understanding, and unity now more than perhaps ever before. Truly, there is so much good in this world, and there is likewise much more that unites us than that differentiates us. How beautiful this is. When this is all said and done, I hope what we see and feel will not be over, but instead we will carry these things in our hearts for all around us to feel and see.

Then…the numbers started coming in after the weekend. The numbers are clearly declining!

God hears His children! <3

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