A Moment…

I was walking towards the kitchen and I caught a glimpse of Walker. It cracks me up that he sits at the coffee table to do his homework. We clearly have a desk right next to him and a kitchen table! LOL!

It just gave me a flashback moment of when he was a little boy. For whatever reason this table has always been where the kids did homework. If you were to see it up close you’d see all the numbers, words, scribbles etched in the the soft pinewood. Haha!

Seeing him there and thinking about how he’ll be turning 20 this summer and graduating with his Associates Degree! It’s mind boggling! Where did my little guy go?

Then I came across these memes and thought there were funny and I wanted to share them. I’m thinking they are probably pretty accurate to how he feels. 😛

And of course we need some Kronk! Walker’s favorite movie! <3

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