I got a call from the High School Nurse today. Eli was in her office. He was in weights class and he dropped a 35lb weight on his finger!!!!! 🙁

She was asking me to come pick him up, even though he drives, he wasn’t looking well at all. He was pretty woozy from the pain and she didn’t feel confident that he should drive himself home. Walker was home so we went together so he could drive Eli’s car back.

Thankfully nothing seems to be broken. The tip of the finger, so the nail area took the brunt of the blow. It DOESN’T look good. I was going to post a pic of it but decided I’d spare you. LOL!

It’s bleeding pretty heavily but the doctor’s office said as long as it stops bleeding in 48 hours (which seems like a long time for something to bleed if you as me) and the pain is improving there’s not much they can do.

He got this handy dandy finger splint to help protect it.

No weights, no jazz band, and since it’s his right hand…he’s also struggling to write and do homework. Poor kid!

This is how he feels about it all…

Praying for a speedy recovery! My kids sure like to hurt themselves lately.

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