Disneyland – Day 1

Before we headed to the Parks on Friday we waited at the Hawk’s hoping we’d hear from Walker before we left. We sent him an email earlier in the week telling him we’d be out of town and we weren’t sure we’d have good service. If he could call as early as possible that would be the best. Thankfully he had the flexibility and was able to call! We got in our long video chat and caught up on his week and then we headed out to the Parks. 
We had a blast! I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since we’ve been here. 

We’ve all changed a “little”. 
We walked, we ate, and we rode allll the things! 😃 We also decided to celebrate our 22nd Anniversary early! Jared and I got “Happily Ever After” buttons at City Hall. ❤️ 
Eli LOVES Pirates of the Caribbean. We had to ride it first thing! 🙂 
 Disney just opened up Star Wars Land  called Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge this summer. We were looking forward to checking it out.  
When you walk in the land is just like the movie! It’s pretty impressive. 
They had one ride open, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. The other one is set to open in January. 
On the ride they have 2 pilots, 2 gunners, and 2 engineers. The best position to be is the pilot. Eli and Alayna were the pilots and they loved the ride more than the rest of us. All in all we weren’t overly impressed with the new land. It was sadly underwhelming. You can build a light saber for $200 or a Droid for $100. Other than that there isn’t much there to do. Hopefully Disney will add more things and make a place people will want to spend a little more time in. 
Jared and the kids are so much better at knowing where the cameras are on the rides and being able to prepare to pose for them. I’m always so in the moment my face is pretty much the same every time! Haha! Eli is silly and was spelling Pablo with his hands. Don’t ask why…it’s a long story! 😛 
We got drenched on splash. Poor Alayna was sopping wet! But don’t feel too bad for her. She loved it! My whole right side caught all the water and we had to stop for lunch at Hungry Bear so I could wring out my sock! LOL! 
It was a good choice! We all liked our burgers, fish sandwich, and drinks. We ordered this churro funnel cake which was 10/10!!! Eli loved it so much he’s still talking about it! 😛 
We rode Jungle Cruise later that day. 
And had to be towed back to the dock after our boat broke down. 
Oh well…it was a new way to ride the ride! LOL!
I don’t ride the Tea Cups. It makes me so sick. So I just took pictures of the 3 of them having fun. 🙂 
We were trying to get a picture on It’s a Small World and right when Jared pulled out the camera we turned the corner and the sun blasted our eyes! This picture makes me laugh SOO hard every time I look at it! I don’t why but it hits me every time! Hahaha!!!
This one is little better. <3 
 We got off Small World and we ran into the Soundsational Parade just as it was starting. Lucky us! I had to take a pic of Hispanic Donald Duck in tribute to Walker being in Mexico! <3 

This was Alayna’s first time driving the car in Autopia. She really wanted to ride with Eli to show him how good she was going to do. It was pretty cute! <3 
 I love Disney’s fireworks. The family usually just appeases me and agrees to watch them but they all actually loved it this time too! “Disneyland Forever” was the name of the show. My favorite of favorite shows they do is “Remember Dreams Come True”. We had a really great spot too. That never happens! <3 

It was an awesome day! It was a little hotter than we bargained for but it wasn’t too bad. We rented a wheelchair for me and I ended up not needing to use it at all! Alayna got to ride around in it all day. She wasn’t complaining about that at all. Haha! I couldn’t believe my foot was able to do it! A tender mercy for sure! <3 

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