California Vacation- Day 3

More beach time! The Hawk’s recommended we go to Crystal Cove Beach. They have tide pools and seals occasionally. It was an overcast chilly morning but we didn’t let that deter us!

So beautiful!!!! We’ve never been to this beach either. I could have stayed there all day long. It was magical!

It was a bit of a hike down from the parking lot to the beach. Once we got down Jared and the kids went one way and Walker and I went the other to go exploring. We found all sorts of fun things! Walker loves the ocean and he teaches me so much about marine life. It was so special to me how much one on one time I got to have with him on this trip. 
Something had a tasty breakfast…poor lobster! LOl!
 There wasn’t much left of this guy either. LOL! 
Walker and I tried to get out to the tide pools but the waves were coming in so fast. We didn’t find much but it was fun trying! I’m sure we looked pretty comical to anyone who might have been watching! 😛 
We thought this looked like macaroni noodles. 
Love my boy! <3
We had wandered off pretty far and had been out longer than we realized. We started to head back to find the rest of the gang and wouldn’t you know it…they didn’t care the water was FREEZING and it was cold and windy. They jumped into the ocean clothes and all (even though we had told them to bring a change of clothes and towels. Kids…..they never listen…LOL! ) 
Jared ran up to the car to get some things. He took these….he said those little specks are us on the beach. 😛 
The Hawk’s let us borrow a bunch of their beach stuff. They have little grandkids that love to play in the sand. I guess my kids are still little at heart. 🙂 
Eli took the skim board out for a spin. He loves get out there an test his limits. 
These two had a ball! While they were out playing around I spotted a seal swimming so close to them but by the time I got my camera out he went under and didn’t come back up again. It was cool to see how close he was willing to get to people. 
 Until it was time to go. The last wave Eli tried to ride ended up tossing him over the skim board and he ended up getting pretty banged up. He’s smiling here…but he wasn’t when it happened poor kid. 
Alayna was almost in tears by the time we left. She was cold to the bone! She was in jeans and didn’t have anything to change into. We did the best we could to get her dry and she put on Jared’s sweater and wore it like a dress. 
The Hawk’s also recommended the Shake Shack. We grabbed lunch and milk shakes before heading home to change and get ready for our evening plans. 
 The shakes were SO good. We loved the dark chocolate and strawberry shake. MMMM! We didn’t get a pic of anyone’s food but Jared’s. He said it was really good! 🙂 Everyone said what they got was yummy too! It was a great recommendation!
We got back to the house and the kids showered, warmed up, and got on dry clothes. We had a couple of hours to kill before dinner so we went to check out Downtown Disney.  
We wandered around for a bit and got a little pre-dinner snack. We love churros. And Disney makes a gooood churro!
It was fun being back at our favorite place. But it left us all feeling like we need a Disney vacation soon. The kids were begging me to add a day to our stay so we could have a day at Disneyland. I really wanted to say yes, but it just wasn’t in the cards this time around. They gave a valiant effort though! 
We finished up the night with dinner at Medieval Times! Hazzah!
The Black and White Knight was our guy. He unfortunately didn’t win however. Darn it! 😛 
The kids LOVED it. They were cheering and booing and laughing. It was awesome! Seeing my kids having a great time makes whatever we are doing more special to me. 
There’s my handsome Knight! <3 
We left with stuffed bellies and lots of memories from the day. I love spending time with my family. <3 

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