It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!

Jared has been out of town all week. He comes home tonight. The kids and I have been missing him so we decided to keep ourselves busy by making ALLLL the Christmas Cookies! 🙂 
Eli wanted sugar cookies and Alayna wanted gingerbread. So of course we made both! 😛 
We literally just woke up and started baking. So we all have awesome bedhead and are still rockin’ our PJ’s. 😛 That’s how we roll around here! 

The kids were definitely more interested in eating them than decorating them! I think they just slathered icing on and called it “good” and went to town munching them! LOL!
Jared got home later in the evening he was too tired to decorate. Alayna had been waiting to decorate a few with him. The next day she got her wish……
 Aren’t these so cute??? <3
We had a nice day together as a family. It’s been couple of years since we’ve all made cookies together. It’s a tradition that everyone loves! 

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