Alayna’s Christmas Orchestra Concert

Christmas is fast approaching and that means school concerts! Alayna had her’s tonight. This is her 2nd year playing cello. I love the cello and I love that she loves playing the cello! ❤️❤️
Just a side note: She wanted the sweater she’s wearing SO bad. She begged me to buy it for her. I held firm and said if it’s something she really wants she could buy it with her own money. Well…this sweater wasn’t cheap. She REALLY did want it! LOL! She proudly purchased it and I think it was a mighty fine choice. She looks adorable in it! 😀 
Jared is in Austin all week. He was really sad he couldn’t be with us. I recorded it for him though. Walker had to work and so that left Eli as my date! 🙂 He is such a goof ball but I love him! <3 (Oh, and ignore the tired looking mom vibe I’ve got going..LOL!) 
We got epic seats this time! We never get so close up and we never can actually see any of our kids when they perform. For whatever reason they always end up hidden behind another kid’s head or a music stand or the director you name it. 😛 

So I took advantage and got ALLL the pics! 😀 
They did a great job! They are learning how to play up to 5 different parts all at the same time. It’s tricky stuff. Alayna even said they did way better than they have at their practices. I think the concert fairies sprinkled their dust on them tonight! 

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