Golden Scholars….Walker’s LAST ONE!

This school year is wrapping up! Band concerts, orchestra concerts, award ceremonies and an upcoming graduation are in full swing!! 
Today my heart is full!! ❤️❤️ Walker just received his last Golden Scholar Award! He’s rocked it out 9 consecutive years!! 🎉🎉 
All the Seniors who qualified. 
Walker is on the top-ish , right-ish side…about 3 rows down from the top 5th kid in. 😛 
Jared and I gave each other a fist bump as he walked across! LOL! We are so proud of him! 
This was him in 4th grade at his very first ceremony……
…and here he is today!!!!
This picture was taken in 5th grade. These two have been friends since Nursery! It’s been fun to see Walker and his best buddy Chase make these great accomplishments together! 
 We love this guy!
These are all the kids from Catalina Ward from the Jr. and Sr. Classes that made it this year. 🙂 Chase, Nelson, Megan, Walker, Hunter & Jeffery. 

 As we sat there waiting for Walker to receive his award a flood of emotions just overwhelmed me. I was fighting hard to choke back tears. It really hit me that in just 2 weeks he’s going to be graduating. He’s moving on to exciting and wonderful things. I’m really happy for him and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him but at the same time he’s been mine for all these years. Learning to let go isn’t always easy. All the prayers, teaching, talking, guiding, helping, more prayers, advice and rearing have gotten him to this point. I hope beyond hope that it’s been enough. That he’s ready to face that great big world out there! I know he will come to us when he needs us…but it’s just different. Graduation night I may need a lot of Kleenex and a lot of hugs! LOL!
 Eli’s no slouch either! 😉 This year marks 6 consecutive years in Golden Scholars for him! Hes’ on the 3rd row from the bottom, 3rd one from the right. 
That handsome smile melts my heart every time! 
High School has been an adjustment for Eli. He had to work a little harder but he proved once again he can do hard things! 
These boys are THE BEST of friends!! They love and respect each other and laugh non-stop together. They like to gang up on me and tease me and I wouldn’t have it any other way! They work hard and make me so incredibly proud to be their mom!! ❤️❤️ Congratulations boys!! 🎉🎉
Love this kid! <3 
 My Momma heart is over flowing!!! Couldn’t be more proud of these 2 boys!!!! <3 

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