Christmas Eve

Jared made an AMAZING smoked brisket that was lip smackin’ finger lickin’ good! MMMM!!!
Christmas Eve was a little different this year. We had two of the 5 of us down with the flu. Walker and Alayna had to stay home instead of going to Grandma and Grandpa’s like we always do. Jared, Eli and I didn’t stay too long. We felt bad for having to leave them at all. But we were able to stay just long enough to eat, open a few gifts, pack up the rest in the van for Walker and Alayna, chat for minute and head home again. 
Mom is doing much better after she fell and broke her arm last month. They had to do a reverse shoulder replacement. She’ll be starting physical therapy in a week or so. I thought she looked cute in her holiday hat! LOL! 
Before bed, the kids opened their Christmas PJ’s. 
Holidays just don’t feel the same when family isn’t all there together. But I guess some years it just goes that way. We made the best of it! 🙂 

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