Alayna’s ASU Science Fieldtrip

 Alayna and her class went to ASU for a really neat fieldtrip to learn more about space. They have been working hard all quarter learning about the solar system and a huge project on the planets they chose. Alayna’s was on Mars. Sadly, Jared and I weren’t picked to be chaperones, but we sent her with a camera to take lots of pictures! 🙂 
Alayna, Brooke, Tess, and Zoey
Banu & Alayna

Taylin & Alayna
Rocks she thought were cool. 😛 
 Planet Earth.
 “Are you epic?” LOL!
Scientists at work.
Model of cute penguins. 😛 
An alien. :p 
The black rock is a meteor. 
A giant vacuum chamber. 
She said it was neat. Not a “fun” fieldtrip but interesting. 🙂 

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