Gilbert School District Art Show

The day has finally arrived. Alayna got her invitation to the District Art show a few weeks ago and we’ve been dying to see what she created! They held the show at Norwood Furniture on Gilbert Rd. 
This is a fun mural on the wall of the American Legion Building next door. 🙂 
Welcome Artists!!!
 We walked through the store and found her school’s displays.  
She was a “little” proud! 🙂 One thing we noticed was that her sunset was different than all the others. The other children made theirs parallel to the horizon. Alayna made hers on an arch radiating from the corner. I love that she always does things slightly different than the rest! <3 She also put her coyote in front of her mountain-scape. Just so much to love! 🙂 
 He’s a closer look! 
This is her art teacher Mrs. Feidler-Aguilar. She’s a sweet lady. 
Of course we had to go out and celebrate with a treat! We went to a new ice cream place by our house that just opened a month or so ago. It’s called Bruster’s. It’s homemade daily and the creamiest ice cream I’ve ever had!!! Alayna chose a LARGE milkshake. Non of us thought she’d finish it. It was huge! She surprised us though!!! She killed it! 😛 LOL!!!
In about a month they will take all of the art down and get it back to the students. They will give them a certificate and a medal to go with it! So exciting!!!
Congratulations Alayna! We are so very proud of you!!!!!

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