Good Bye Old Friend

After 15 beautiful years together we had to say good-bye to our old friend Ms. Dryer. She was good to us. She never left us with wet clothes. Poor thing lost her nob…lol!

It was a sad farewell but it was time to let her go.We actually donated her to a good cause. A very good friend of mine’s son was trying to raise money for his Sr. Class trip to New York, by having a yard sale. She met a new family there that could give her some TLC! 
Our new dryer came today. The kids were amazed at how much bigger it was inside!

I was amazed that they fit inside!!!! 😛

I love how Jared is documenting this occasion while I try to brush Alayna’s hair. That hair is a source of much pain and suffering on both of our parts…that’s a post for another day though….
I can’t wait to try out our new machine! 😀

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