Canyon Lake YW Trip

The Young Women got to go on a trip up to Canyon Lake! They arrived at the church early (still dark in fact) at 5am! 
When they arrived at the lake they got into their assigned boats. The Beehives with Bro. Walker, The MiaMaid’s with Bro. Woolf, and the Laurels with Bro. Larson. The Beehives barely got out to the middle of the lake and Bro. Walker’s boat died. 🙁 They aren’t sure what’s wrong with it but those girls had to paddle/push that thing all the way back to the dock!! 
Let me rephrase that….Alayna and Emmy pushed it back to the dock. Bro. and Sis. Walker, two other Beehives, and Sis. Pena took a nice leisurely ride! Hahaha!!! Alayna said she was a beast and she was the one that did most of the work. I guess all those years of Swim Team paid off!!! <3  
I laugh when I got his picture!! Sis. Pena is sitting on the back of the boat smiling ear to ear while those poor girls are paddling their hearts out!!! Hahaha!!!
Alayna was trying to catch those birds. 
After they got the boat back to the dock they had to swim all the way back out to Bro. Larson’s boat. Boy, those girls really got a workout!!!
 Thankfully there was enough room on his boat. I think the girls ended up having an even better time with the older girls. 
Alayna tried knee boarding for the first time. She said it was hard! 
We do have water out in this desert of ours!
Tubing was by far the favorite pick for everyone! This picture makes me laugh! LOL! Carly can’t even hold her head up they are being whipped around so much. 😛 
One of the Laurels decided she wanted to try 
The Wipeout!

Legs go Flying! 

Those legs are Alayna’s. LOL!!
The picture below captures what happened a little better for The SWITCH. 
Kiriko let go to do the SWITCH but no one knew her plans. Alayna is in the middle and Jesse is on the other end. Jesse is trying to block Kiriko from hitting them but unfortunately Alayna’s face took the full force of Kiriko’s butt! She came home bruised and sore. But she said she had a BLAST! Thank goodness for ice and ibuprofen! <3 
Thank you Bro. and Sis. Larson for a great time!!
Alayna and Sister Wright. She’s the YW President. 
Everyone had a ball! They all are bruised and have a lot of sore muscles. Being whipped and tossed around all morning kinda feels like you’ve been in a car accident. LOL! But they’d all do it again tomorrow if they could! 😛 

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