1st Day of School 2019!

Another school year has begun! And Eli is a Junior this year! What!?!!! 😲
He also gets to drive himself to/from school this year and he is quite happy about that! Riding the bus isn’t cool when you are in High School. LOL! 
He’s such a goofball! Haha! He can never just do anything “normal”. 
He’s always got to put his “Eli-ness” in everything he does! Hahaha!
 Alayna is in 7th grade and at the Jr. High!! She is beyond excited about that! I mean….REALLY excited!!! 🎉😊 
 I just realized they are 7-11!🤣🤣 Now I want a Slurpee! I’ll be right back! 🥤 Haha!
 Another exciting thing is her BFF Morgan just moved back to AZ and she gets to ride the bus with her every day!!
And of course I had to have homemade chocolate chip cookies for when they got home! It’s tradition! 🙂 

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