Sexta Semana – (Sixth Week)

This week in the CCM District, 11B goes insane. Parties and English, oh my. Needless to say, my district and I are ready to get out there and start teaching. And I leave last, of course. Very excited to get out there and teach all the Cubanos and not understand a word they say and barely be able to form coherent ideas. Very exciting. But yeah, not much to report.

I will leave y’all with a message though. This week on faith. Faith is the foundation of everything. Every relationship and idea you have is based in faith. You have to trust what you know and think and see to be true. Some things are easier to have faith in like the sun rising or gravity, but it’s still faith, and faith is one of the most powerful things on this earth. Moroni 7:33 says “And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me.” That is real power we hold if we can have faith. I just like to remind people that science requires as much faith as religion, and science is more often wrong than religion is. Through our faith, we can find real truths. Often misquoted is that faith is like unto a seed. However, the real metaphor is the word is like a seed. It only requires a little faith, a particle. and then your knowledge can grow, and the roots of that seed bind the soil of your faith.

Hasta proxima semana (Until next week)

We emailed him yesterday, hoping that he’d see it early enough, telling him that the kids are back in school and to call as early as he could before they had to leave for school. He called just as Eli was heading out the door. They were able to say Hi and Eli told him, “Have a great day! Make good choices!” ๐Ÿ˜› Walker chuckled and said, “Thank you!” ๐Ÿ™‚

Today is his LAST P-day in the MTC/CCM!!! WooHoo!!! He said today is his P-day, tomorrow is his last “day of learning”, then Sunday is Sunday and actually Fast Sunday, and Monday they technically still have classes, but since people are leaving, he doesn’t know how much they’ll actually do.

Jared and Eli asked if it’s felt like it’s been six weeks already? He said, “I’m ready to leave. I was ready to leave last week. I’m literally the last one. I’m the last flight out.” Eli said, “That’s pretty dank!”

Walker will get more instructions later today about how his last week will go. He’ll find out if he’ll be alone or if he’ll be put in another group for the one day he’s there without his District. His companion leaves Monday, and everyone else in his District leaves Tuesday morning, and he’s the very last to leave. on Wednesday. It will just be him and the Hermana flying out Wednesday morning for Tampa. He will be the “travel leader” for their group, but he said it doesn’t really mean anything because it’s just the two of them. LOL!! The travel leaders were told they needed to choose a companion for their flight and Walker said, “Uhhhhh… I only have an Hermana.” Hahaha!! We’ll see how it all works! There is a chance he’ll call Tuesday if it ends up being an extra P-day for him. ๐Ÿคž

Alayna got up, and they chatted for a bit too. She wished hima Happy Last P-day! She was telling him all about her math teacher this year, Mr. Newman. She was talking to him yesterday and was telling him all about what Walker has been up to. He remembered him and so did her English teacher Mrs. Tricket. He loved Mr. Newman. He told her she’s going to really like him.

His toe is still causing problems. The doctor finally decided to do something besides give him drugs. Praise the Lord!! He has some weird Q-tip thing that he sprays with something that is really really cold. He applies it to the area and burns it. It’s so cold it feels hot. He has been going to the doctor every day to get the treatment. It’s doing better now. He got a Priesthood Blessing on Sunday too. I’m so glad he got one! The doctor is a little worried since he leaves Wednesday, he won’t be able to finish the treatment they’ve started. Walker just wants to get out to Florida and have a Podiatrist check him out and get the toe surgery where they remove and cauterize the nail bed, so he won’t have to worry about ingrown toenails anymore. I had the surgery done on both of my toes eight years ago. It was painful and not fun to deal with the first few weeks, but I’ve never had another one since. It’s really great now that it’s done.

He still has a little cough but he’s thinking that at this point it’s from the pollution and not being sick.

I told him that this week I was at the chiropractor and I was laying on the table with the stim for my back. I was thinking about how well my foot had done at Disneyland last month. I was able to walk about five to six miles each day, and it totaled 18 miles for all three days. What a miracle it was! While I was lying there, the Spirit just smacked me and reminded me that he had given me a Priesthood Blessing before he left on his mission and in it, one of the things that were said was that my foot would continue to heal. The Spirit confirmed it to me so strongly in that moment!! It was like he was frustrated with me for forgetting. LOL! It made me so emotional and grateful! I know the Priesthood power is real. Walker just kept saying,  “That’s so good! That’s awesome!” So I start crying while I’m telling him this, and he says in his loving Walker voice that I miss beyond words, “Ohhhh, don’t cry.” Which then makes me cry more. When I start I can’t stop. LOL!

I went on to tell him that I ran into Cindy Williams while I was there too, and we got to chatting, and she was so sweet. She was asking about him and so excited for him. I told her how he’s been helping the teachers there teach Spanish to the classes and he’s picking up the language so fast. She just started gushing about how Walker has such a great laugh, and he’s so calm and calming to those around him that he makes a great teacher. He puts people at ease and people really respond well to his personality. She said he’s so intelligent and cerebral, she wasn’t surprised at all to hear that he was learning it so quickly. She made my heart so full hearing her kind words. When she was talking about his kind and clam nature I told her, “You know that’s one of the biggest things I miss about not having him in our home right now. I miss that Spirit of his and the way he is able to bring such a calm and evenness into our lives. It has been an adjustment.” Then I started getting choked up and fighting back tears, trying not to embarrass myself in front of everyone in the office. LOL! It was just a tender moment for me as a mother to hear such praises from another mother who knows what it’s like to have a son out serving the Lord.

But I know he’s exactly where he’s supposed to be and he’s having so much fun and doing crazy things. We love his funny stories. I know those people are the people he’s supposed to be with. He keeps telling us his District is “weird”, but that’s such a perfect fit for him. He loves “weird” people! <3

Sometimes on certain points, he gets very loud and emphatic, some of his District thought he got upset all the time. He’s tried to explain to them that he’s not “angry” he’s “passionate”. Haha! Some of them seem to not understand. ๐Ÿ˜› What’s funny is that if you really know Walker, it takes A LOT for him to get upset. They seem to think loud is upset. ๐Ÿ˜›

The days are extraordinarily long. 6:30am-10:30pm. Even on P-days they only have until 6pm, then it’s back to proselyting. But he said the weeks are short. It’s funny how time can do that!

We are all looking forward to next week and all the changes that it brings!

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