Temple Endowment

Walker went through the Temple for the first time tonight and received his Endowment. My heart is so full I can’t put into words how incredibly happy I am for him!! 💛 It was one of the greatest experiences as a mother to witness and be apart of.
I’ve been pondering deeply this week about family links. Pres. Hinkley said, “Life is a great chain of generations, link following link, until the end of time.”
I come from strong Pioneer heritage. I have an ancestor that was Joseph Smith’s body guard. I have family that were called by Brigham Young to settle the “waste places” in Arizona. Which is now St. David. And I have relatives that were members of the Mormon Battalion.
However, along the way my family chain became weak and broken as family left the church. I became a convert at age 11 years old and the only active member in my family. But I’ve also had moments of weakness and from the ages of 18-23 I was inactive in the church. In June 1999, Jared and I, after months of working our way back to activity, were sealed in the Mt. Timpanogas Temple. Welding our links in our family chain. 
Elder Bednar said, “Be the welding link in your family chain. The decision we make now affect us and they affect generations after us. Be the change.”
Tonight as we witnessed Walker adding his link to our family chain by receiving his Endowments makes my heart overflow with emotion. It was incredible. He is making steps in helping our family’s eternal chain stretch forward to eternity. He’s walking his own faith walk with the Lord, and I couldn’t be more proud or happy for him. 
I entered the Celestial Room first tonight and was on pins and needles waiting for him to walk through. When I waited what felt like forever, Jared had his arm around Walker’s shoulders and they both had the biggest smiles! I thought my heart was going to burst and I ran to him and hugged him so tight and burst into tears! I absolutely got a glimpse of what our reunion in Heaven will feel like! 
Pres. Nelson said, “Those links welded together through sacred ordinances, lead to exaltation of our families.”
We had so many people come from our Ward to support him…nineteen to be exact! It meant so much to us. We felt so much love! I’m incredibly grateful for each one of them. I’m grateful for all of his teachers and leaders who have helped Walker get to where he is today. From Nursery, to Primary, to Young Men’s each have had a significant role in helping him grow in his testimony and faith. Jared and I are grateful for the family links we have created in our Ward the last 18 years as well. 
I’m thankful for Temples and that we can be an eternal family! <3 

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