Darn It…

Alayna spends 90% of her time at volleyball. She is so active and I suppose it was bound to happen…she sprained her ankle. 
She was running doing some drills on Tuesday night at Club and came down on the side of her shoe and rolled her ankle. She kept playing anyway and didn’t tell anyone…. I don’t know why….by the time she got home and we got home from Eli’s marathon band concert she was on the couch in tears saying it hurt pretty bad. 🙁 
I took her to the doctor this morning and it was as we suspected. 
She was happy about the sucker though! 😛 
She wasn’t able to do practice on Thursday which led to more tears. She hates missing out on practice! 
And on Saturday she had to sit out on her final game on her NYS Team. Her coaches awarded her the Super Setter award. She was absolutely THRILLED! She loves being a Setter. <3 
Dad also lifted her spirits by giving her a “ride” to the car after the game. LOL! 

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