The 3rd Times a Charm

The 3rd times a charm…..we hope!!!!!
We finally got things settled with the insurance company and got Walker another car. This is his 3rd vehicle in 1.5 years!!!
My Dad actually saw it while he was driving around on his side of town. Lots of Snowbirds are back in AZ. They usually don’t put many miles on their cars and just drive them to/from church. Dad went with us to test drive it and gave it an once over and he said it looked good. 
 The man who owned the car was from Minnesota. He was really nice. He was asking WAY too much for the car and after we had the car checked out by our mechanic and Jared negotiating with him he was able to get the car for $1800.00!!! So proud of Jared for stepping outside of his comfort zone too! <3 
We are so happy we are done car shopping….hopefully for a LONG time! LOL! 
Walker really likes the car. He said it’s his favorite of the 3 of them. I think it’s mostly because it has leather seats! 😛 It does feel really smooth and nice when you drive it too. But that tape deck though…pretty SWEET!!!! LOL! 
 It has some dings, dents, and scrapes. We’re not sure what happened to it exactly but it’s in good mechanical shape and that’s more important. We also like that it’s a bigger vehicle like the Taurus was. It took the impact really well and kept Walker safe. 
Here’s to hoping for no more car accidents!!!

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