Hurricane Rosa

On Tuesday morning I went to the dentist to get the crown on my tooth fixed. It had been raining for the past 2 days because of Hurricane Rosa and when I rains here in the desert you just have to document it. We don’t get enough of it! 

 I got home from my appointment and Walker was home early from his class. I guess the CGCC cancelled a lot of classes because of storm damage. We were chatting about our morning and he went to the front room to use his computer and asks me, why it’s wet? I said, I have no idea. He said, water was everywhere.
I went into the front room to see what he was talking about and I looked up at the ceiling and saw this…..

Rain had been dripping in through the ceiling all night. And Walker’s computer just so happened to be directly underneath the leak! 🙁 

He picked up his computer and water just POURED out like Niagara Falls! It was crazy how much water it held! 

What is even more crazy…is that even though it was swimming in water for at least 12 hours, probably more, it still turned on! 

It wasn’t beautiful. That screen isn’t a fancy screensaver background with all the swooshes and splashes. That’s water damage. It almost looks like the rain painted it! LOL! 
We called our insurance company and filed a claim. My uncle recommended a roofer he uses often and he was able to come out and assess the damage and get it all fixed up for us. Unfortunately, insurance doesn’t cover old age/wear and tear. So we had to pay out of pocket for to repair the leak. The insurance will cover the resultant damage from the leak, the dry out process, drywall, paint, etc. They are also covering Walker’s laptop and he will be able to get a replacement. 
Jason Payne came out and got our roof repaired quickly. He assessed the damage and looked over the entire roof to see if this was the only point of damage. He actually found over on the side on our garage that water was also leaking in. So he gave us the “Uncle Mike” special and he repaired both portions of the roof at a great price! We were SO thankful!!!!! <3 
Here are the pics he sent us of the work they did. 
The tiles were removed and the broken tiles were replaced. 
This was the point of entry. 

All of the tiles and under-lament was removed. 
New under-lament is put down.
The front room side of the roof is complete!
On to the garage….

The garage side of the roof is as good as new too! 
This was completed on Saturday. Sunday we had more rain so it was a good way to test out the repairs! 😛 Everything stayed dry! 🙂 
We are still waiting for the mitigation company to come out and dry things out in the attic, repair the drywall, and paint. They are supposed to be coming at the end of the week. I’ll post pics of that when that begins.

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