Eli’s Dungeons & Dragons Project

Over Christmas break Eli started a pretty big project. He and his friends game about once a week and he DM’s for them. They’ve been using dry erase board maps and things to mark their story lines as they play. Eli saw this YouTuber who works in construction and built his own maps/models with things from the hardware store. He thought that was epic and decided he wanted to make them too!
He worked on these for hours and hours and hours! Carving, painting, flocking, building, coating, gluing, spraying, sanding, etc. It was no small feat! We are all in awe of how awesome it turned out!!!
I love how Eli is a doer. He gets an idea and runs with it. He wants to learn how to solve a rubics cube…done. He wants to learn to play the guitar…done. He wants to build a super sweet map for gaming…done!!! So impressed with him..and his crafting skills! Watch out Martha Sterwart! Haha! 

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