5th Annual Kitch Polar Bear Club!

Happy New Year!!!!!
A brisk 47 degrees this year!
Gettin’ their game face on!
Alayna always psychs Jared out and makes him go first! LOL! 
Looks like it hurts! LOL!
Walker the towel boy and Eli the camera man.
Feeling invigorated and superhuman! LOL!
Brave girl!!!!
She was really nervous to go in this year. She braved it like a champ….but she couldn’t leap into that towel fast enough!!!! Hahahaha!!!! 
Warm hugs all around!
Love my people and how crazy they are! 
Like Daddy, like Daughter!!! Feeling like Super Girl!

Traditions like this will never be forgotten!  

Eli decided to ring in the new year in a different way! While everyone was posting all their new healthy eating habits and hiking trips to start out the year…Eli decided to celebrate by eating a GIANT piece of chocolate cake! Hahaha!!! He cracks me up!

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