Tender Mercies!!!

Remember this? Walker bought his 1st car back in May. It was a cute little car! 
Tuesday I got a phone call just before 5pm. It was Walker and his voice was shaking and said, “Moooom! I was just in an accident.”
My heart sank.
I asked if he was ok. He said yes. (Tender mercy #1) I asked where he was, he said Warner/Cooper. Literally a 1/2 mile away from home. I said I’d be there right away. 
As I got my things together to run out the door Jared walked in. He’s never home this early. (Tender mercy #2) I told him what happened and we both ran down together. 
This is what we saw when we got there. 
He was making a left to head home and he said the road was clear. A car came out of nowhere. He said they hit and his car hit their front passenger side door and had damage but they didn’t stay at the scene. Thankfully a kind man came up to the scene and saw Walker all alone and stayed with him until we got there. (Tender mercy #3) It’s scary enough when you’ve been through an accident before, but your first is always extra nerve rattling. 
The police officer arrived a few minutes after we did. Walker’s car was incapacitated. It wouldn’t start. We had to get it out of the road. He said he could call his tow truck but they would take it to impound and then we’d have to deal with our ins. to try to get it out and it’d be a huge hassle. I asked if we could call our own tow truck? He said if it can get here before his he’d be willing to do that. I called and since it was an accident it would be $70 to tow it. 
Our mechanic’s shop is literally on the other side of the median. We just needed to get it across the street. It was rush hour and it was just too busy to try to push over there. There was no through area to do it. We discovered the car would steer and was able to be pushed. The officer helped us push it into the parking lot on the side of the street we were on until we could figure out what to do next. Our mechanic happened to be taking a test drive and saw us stranded there and called us and offered to send two of his guys to tow line it over to his shop at no charge! So grateful! (Tender mercy #4)
The police officer said since the other vehicle didn’t stay it is now considered a criminal violation. Walker wasn’t cited or ticketed. (Tender mercy #5) He said that it’s possible they were driving on a suspended license, had drugs in the car, the car was stolen, they were drunk, we just don’t know. But the fact that they didn’t stay at the scene the chances something illegal was going on is pretty high. 
He put out a search for the car but he said chances of finding them is slim. Especially, since both cars were similar in color. If their car was yellow or something like that it would make it a lot easier. 
I’m just so grateful Walker is ok. That’s the most important thing! It could have ended so much worse. Angels were with him!!!
The next day we drove down to the mechanic’s shop to take more pics of the vehicle for documentation. 
Poor little car. 🙁 
Our mechanic said it’s a loss. It will be over $6k to repair it which is more than it’s worth. Walker is heartbroken. He worked so hard to save to buy this car. We are still in the middle of figuring out the ins. and if we will get anything out of it. Our delectable is pretty high. Praying for another tender mercy!!! <3 

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