Walker’s Sr. Homecoming!

 Walker had his Senior Homecoming on Saturday! This year it landed on General Conference weekend so it made planning a bit tricky, but everything ended up working out. 🙂 
He went with a great group of friends and they planned a sunrise hike up Papago Park. It’s a short little hike but it worked out perfectly so everyone could get home in time for the first session of conference. 
After the Priesthood Session that night the guys went and picked up the girls to take them for pictures, dinner, and then the dance. 
I got a few shots of Walker before he left. 

Such a handsome guy. He even let me get a few without his glasses. Not sure why but they tend to catch a lot of glare. 

I still thinks it’s tough being the mom of the boy. You send them out the door and you don’t get to see them pick up the girl and see their excitement as they exchange corsages and boutonnieres. 

His date, Peyton did share this picture from when he went to pick her up though! 🙂  
Since the Priesthood session didn’t get out until late, the guys decided to have dinner at home. Well, at the home of one of their grandparent’s. 
They also asked me to take their pics for them, so that is a perk for me! I love watching them interact and have such a great time! 
Lighting was a BIG issue. The sun was gone and there was no lighting outside. Thankfully we located a flood light and I think they turned out pretty good considering! 😛  
 These kids were hilarious! They had so much personality and had the funniest ideas for poses! They had me laughing so much! They were a fun and outgoing bunch!
Chase & Bailee 
Nelson & Mary Anne
 Nelson & Maddie
Walker & Peyton 
My heart is just melting! Such a great looking couple! Don’t worry ladies, they aren’t dating, just really good friends. ;P
Walker and Chase have been friends since they were a year old. They call themselves “West Friends”, friends since the womb. LOL! They are sooo silly! This cracks me up so much!
The other guys didn’t want to be left out! Ha!
The kids were starving and we took pics for a while. Two of the boys are brothers and dinner was at their grandparent’s home. Their mom and dad made dinner for all of the couples. I snapped a few quick shots and then Jared and I left them to their evening. 
Walker got home really late that night. It was about midnight. The next morning we talked about how it all went and he said he had a blast! 
So grateful he has wonderful friends and gets to make these memories! <3 

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